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Cheese is a dairy product not an expression!

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Our Fans.

Mugshot's is one of the most professional organizations I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They grow each year and yet still maintain the level of small business attention to detail. All employees are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. We love MugsyClicks!

People could not believe these were "school pictures". My kids pictures are excellent!

My son is a junior. We have had very few "keepers" over the years. Other companies just rush the kids through the photo line. Our first experience with MugsyClicks was fantastic! It was my son's best portrait ever! Your photographers clearly took their time to get a professional shot. Thank you!

This year we actually sent them to friends and relatives. The feed-back at school has been nothing but positive! We should have switched to MugsyClicks a long time ago!

My son actually smiled for his photo this year! We were so pleased. I love the natural setting for the photographs and the chance to pick out the best of several shots. Your photographer must have been very patient to wait for the smile!

Compared to the standard 3-second-pose shot with the creepy colored background, I thought these were fantastic! You obviously took a great deal more time to get a variety of shots, which while making your service more expensive, makes the photo worthwhile at all. I have almost never liked my children's school pics before these.

It was great that you have the holiday card options. It was one-stop shopping. We got our school photo and holiday card all in one.

AWESOME JOB!!!! I cannot believe how you were able to get so many GREAT shots of my son as he has special needs. Even a cute little "model" pose - LOVE IT!!!

Both my girls resist smiling for the camera or just mug up and end up with goofy poses, but your photographers got GREAT shots of both my girls. Thanks!

I always use MugsyClicks for my Christmas cards and it is a easy way to get my photos of my son and holiday greeting all in one.

These were the best school pictures my children has taken since starting Kindergarten!

I was amazed how easy it was to order prints online. I received an email confirming my order and then I received my order very quickly. I would recommend this way of ordering to anyone. I appreciate not having to put everything on paper; it is so efficient working online. It is obvious to me that you spent a great deal of time and thought on your website and I appreciate it very much!

My son loved the photographer, and it all seemed really well set up.

I love the informal, casual settings-it puts the kids at ease (I hated picture day when I was a kid) and results in a great picture! Thanks!

You guys are totally awesome. Great pictures, great service reasonably priced.

I love the poses, very natural and real. I was there when the group shots were done and really appreciated the time and effort put in to assure a good shot of everyone and I was not dissappointed. It was a great shot of the group. I would and have recommended MugsyClicks.

Thank you for all. All the photo you took of my children at school and the father/daughter were just what I was hoping for. Thank you for your talent.

Thank you so much! Love getting them in the mail instead of in my 9 year old's backpack!!!!!!

You took some very beautiful photos of my daughter, and I love the variety of expressions and having several good poses to choose from. I could not bring myself to order less than 4 poses since they were so good.

The back pat is I love you guys, and wonder if you do High School photos as well? If not, we might have to find you next year on our own! Maybe a family shot!

You guys are great....I would definitely recommend that the school use you again!

You got some great candid shots of my children. Very natural looking.

My oldest son has traditionally taken AWFUL school pictures. Before he moved on to middle school (OIS) he was lucky enough to have two wonderful school photo sessions with MugsyClicks. The pictures were truly great. This is at the forefront of my mind since I just got back the retake pictures from OIS (even worse than the original photo session). Please come to Orinda Intermediate School!!

Best school photo EVER taken of my daughter!

The photography was far superior to any school photos my girls have ever brought home. It was nice to have a choice as well. The "smiles" caught on camera were much more natural than any other school picture we've had in past! Everyone that I know were very pleased with their child's pictures. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job!

You really captured the essence of our son. Not only is it a beautifully composed photo, but it tells a story. Thanks so much - we love it!

This was super easy from start to finish - I loved the multiple images (especially for my 3rd grader!)

I love your website, your product offerings, your prices, and your promised turnaround time.

I was impressed! In general I consider school photography to be a rip-off! The companies always require you to buy much more than you ever need just to get the ones you want. MugsyClicks let me build my own package without buying unwanted prints. I loved that Mugshots let me choose the pose, it allowed me to find the one that looked most like her! Finally! A school photo worth framing!

Administrative Praise

"I highly recommend MugsyClicks Photography and encourage you to consider using their services. I wish they had been available when my kids had their school photos done!"

Kathy McCord, Branson School

"Bottom line is the photos turned out wonderful. They captured the children's personalities so well."

Uta Jehnich, Ring Mountain Day School

"Our photo day went great and all the pictures look so wonderful!"

Mariam, Corte Madera Montessori

"Everything went great this year!"

Stacy Wooley, Tam Valley School

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