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Cheese is a dairy product, NOT an expression!

Cheese is a dairy product not an expression!

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If the topic you are wondering about is not on the list, please send us an email with your question.  We'd be more than happy to help!  Please email us at

Q: How Do Parents Get Help?

The absolute fastest way to receive support is by submitting a Contact Form: Click Here

Contact Forms are answered within 48 hours.

Our response email will come from, so please check to make sure your email system has not filtered our reply into your spam/junk folder.

IMPORTANT: Please resist the urget to leave PHONE MESSAGES AND SEND EMAILS.  It can lead to Musgy confusion!  Please choose one method and know that we will respond as soon as possible.  Again, the best way to reach us is to send us an email to

If you prefer to use the phone and reach a real human our number is 877 459 6847 Ext. 2

Our School Department (for school officials/administrators and yearbook advisors only) is Ext. 1.

Our Customer Support Deptartment is Ext. 2.

Our Production Deptartment is Ext. 3

Please rest assured that ALL messages will be answered in the order that they were received. 

Q: How Can School Administration Get Help?

If you are a School Representative please contact our Production Manager at

Q: How Can Yearbook Advisors Get Help?

 If you are a Yearbook Advisor and need assistance, please contact our Production Manager at

Q: Why create an account?

Your child's photos are saved in your online account so you never have to save envelopes or re-enter long access codes. Enter it once and never again!

Entering your email address to create your online account assures communication regarding orders, deadlines and special offers. We never give away or sell information.

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Q: Photo Access Code Questions?

What is a Photo Access Code?

For school portrait clients:

Each of our photo subjects or group sessions have a unique access code that you use to attach the photos to your personal account.  This unique identifier changes each school year or with each group photo session.  Once you have used the code to attach the images to your account you will not need to enter it again.

 For UNLEASHED clients:

Each of our sessions will have a unique session code.  You will only need to enter this code once in order to view your photos.

Where do I find my Photo Access Code?

For school portrait clients:

Your access code is found on the upper right hand corner of the order envelope that is distributed to your school approximately 2 weeks after your school's photo day.  Images/access codes will not be available until that time.

If you do not have your envelope/access code, click this link to submit a request.  (Please note: if you are not yet logged in, you will be asked to first sign in/create an account with us)

Please wait the two weeks following your child's picture day to request an access code.  We will then email your access code during business hours M-F.

 For UNLEASHED clients:

You will receive this code at the photo session or by email.  If you have not received this code you may request it by emailing click this link to submit a request.

Q: Promotional Code Not Working?

Your promotional code is your incentive for ordering along with all of your school community.  Most of the time code issues are due to the code being incorrectly entered- a space in front or after a copied code or simply a data entry mistake like a c instead of a e.  The other reasons a code might not work is your order does not match the offer (i.e. order less than $25 for a free shipping) OR the order deadline has expired (we always give a 3 day grace period because we know it is hard to keep up with all the tasks of raising children).

Discount Codes are good for ONLY one order.  You CAN use a qualifying FREE SHIPPING AND A DISCOUNT CODE TOGETHER but you can NOT STACK MULTIPLE DISCOUNT CODES together in one order.  To use multiple discount codes you must ORDER EACH STUDENT separately. 

Example: $10 off $50 promotion.

You can order a $25 package of each child's photos, combine them and get $10 off your total purchase of $50. 

You can NOT order $50 for each child and take 2-$10 ($20 total) off the your total purchase of $100 .  To recieve $10 off each purchase of $50 you would need to order each child's photo separately.

Q: I haven't received the order I placed. Where is it?

If your order was placed online, please log in and click on "My Account". Then click on the "View Orders" button. The status is shown on the right. If it's been more than two weeks since your order was placed, and the status does not reflect "Shipped", please click below to contact Customer Support. If your order status shows as "Shipped" and it has been more than 10 business days since the Status Updated Date, please click here to contact customer support.

We are happy to replace your order free of charge if you haven't recieved your order placed within 3 months of the order date.  Please contact us ASAP if you haven't recieved your order in a timely manner.  After this 3 month gracious period we can no longer replace this order free of charge.  Please contact our Customer Support staff for further information and concerns.

If your order was placed using the proof envelope distributed at the school, and it's been over 4 weeks since the Envelope Deadline/Return to School Deadline date, please contact your bank to see if the check has cleared your account before contacting us. If it has not cleared your bank that means we did not receive the envelope order from the school, BUT, it's not too late!! You can still place an order online. If it has cleared your bank account, your order is in Production and will be sent to the school in the bulk order. Turn-around time for receipt of photographs is approximately 4 weeks from the Envelope Deadline/Return to School Deadline Date.

If the photos have been delivered to your school and you did not receive your envelope order, and your check has cleared your bank account, please click here and provide check number and amount paid when contacting customer support.

Q: How do I order individual photos?

To view and order photos, after you've logged in, click on the photographed subject's name, found here.

To order a specific pose, click on an image to enlarge it, then click on "Order Prints" (lower right corner). This will pop you into the Store and you can choose any photo package, single photo sheet or gift item to order from.

If at any time you want to return to your photo albums in your online account, click on "My Account" in the upper right hand corner of every web page, just below your email address. Then click "View Photos". 

Q: How do I order Group Class Photos or Composite Class Gallery Prints?

To view and order class photos, after you've logged in, click on the photographed subject's name, found here.

To order a specific image, click on that image to enlarge it, then click on "Order Prints" (lower right corner). This will pop you into the Store and you can choose the regular, goofy or combination package. (Not available for Class Gallery Prints)

Class Combo photos (regular and goofy images) are not determined by the computer. PLEASE make sure you order TWO poses of the same class.  Again, our computer is smart but not smart enough to read our minds.  Please choose two poses for the Class Combo package.

If at any time you want to return to your photo albums in your online account, click on "My Account" in the upper right hand corner of every web page, just below your email address. Then click "View Photos". 


Class Photos | Gallery Prints ordered online are sometimes shipped separately from individual portrait orders:

These photos are delivered by USPS to the shipping address associated with the online order. They are mailed once available: 

Class Photos: approximately 3-4 weeks after last Class Photo Day. 

Gallery Composite Prints: approximately 3-4 weeks after the scheduled Make-Up Day. These prints are created after Make-Up Photo Day in order to include all students. 



Q: Can I still order photos from past years?

We usually have the photos and they can be ordered, but please note the following:

Archived photos are not available online and tend to be a little tricky as they are no longer attached to the Teacher or child's name. We can find them for you, but it's a process. There is also an additional archive fee that would apply. A $25 fee per search is required before we start the searching process. This fee is per photo shoot. ie. one fee to locate one child's entire gallery of images for that particular school year. Once located, order as much as you like at the current prices for that school. Also, if you have the old envelope or a record of the image IMG number (not for all, just one is enough), the fee is nominal since searching would then be simpler. If ordering class photos, please provide the Teacher's name or the identifying class name.

If you are interested in ordering older photos, please fill out the Request form, and after confirmation of receipt of the form, your name will be added to the Search Archive List. On the form, be sure to click "Older Photos, Pre-2010".  Click here to access the Request form.

Q: When will my order arrive?

Online orders for Individual Photos arrive in approximately 1 week, including ship time.

Orders for Class / Group Photos / Class Gallery Prints use a separate handling system since they require a proofing process by the school administration as well as editing. Once those processes are complete the photos are generated and shipped on a separate schedule from individual portrait photograph orders.

Customized Gift Items require approximately 3 weeks.

Q: My student missed the first picture day. What do I need to do to make sure they get photographed?

Just make sure your child makes it to school on the Re-Shoot/Make Up Day and we'll take it from there.  Please contact your school and find out what day they have requested for a Make-up.  Make-up days are at the request of the school and we require at least 10 students signed up before we commit to coming back to the school and photograph.

Q: I missed the deadline for returning my order envelope back to the school. What are my options?

Please place your order online.

Online ordering is open through June of the current school year.

If ordering online is not an option for you, please contact our Customer Support at 415.459.6847 Ex #2.


Q: How do I communicate my wishes regarding my child's photograph on photo day?

All special requests regarding photo day should be communicated to the photographer via a note presented ON PHOTO DAY.  We are not responsible for any requests (clothing, hair, etc) not presented to us at the time of the photo session.  We do not presently have a system to match email or phone requests to a specific child in advance of photo day. 

Q: Can I avoid photography of my child after lunch, snack, p.e. or art?

Due to the complicated scheduling that schools have to balance on picture day some students will end up coming to the camera after participating in some kind of messy activity.  If you are concerned about this, our suggestion is sending your child to school with an extra shirt, blouse or sweater to be put on just for photos.  A bit of preplanning can make a big difference in getting the best portrait.

Q: Are there special tips and hints to making the best school portrait possible?

Check out  You will find information regarding photographing students of all ages.

Q: My child wears glasses, will that affect the photo?

Our photographers do everything they can to modify the light to minimize glass glare. There are a few things we have no control over due to the fact we photograph outside-light sensitive lenses and highly reflective locations. We can sometimes retouch glare but dark tinted glasses should not be worn on picture day. We generally ask to photograph the child both with their glasses and without in order to give you the choice.

Q: My child didn't wear the clothes I wanted them to wear, can I get a make-up shoot?

Make-up shoots are available for most schools--please check with the school after the original photo day to verify that a make-up session will happen for your school. On these make-up days we photograph any child that was absent or needed their photos retaken due to photographer error.

If you would like a re-shoot of your child for stylistic reasons however, we require that you enclose a $10 check in your envelope and write the words "re-shoot" across it and turn it in to the school by the envelope due date (listed on the top right hand corner) or at least 3 days before the scheduled make-up day. All reshoots must take place on the "makeup/reshoot" photo day there are no private sessions available at this price.

Q: The photographer made a mistake and the picture of my child is out of focus / has a blotch of light / has eyes closed in every shot / etc. Can I get a retake?

If the photographer made an error and there is a make-up day scheduled we will be happy to re-photograph your child as a make-up. You must return the envelope by the ordering due date with a note requesting make-up photo and why. This is only in the event of photographer error.

Q: What is your refund policy?

Due to the subjective nature of photography and illegalities of duplication we cannot issue refunds on photos... so please order carefully. If you are unhappy with the quality of printing you may return the entire photo package to our studio for review. After we have reviewed your prints, we can offer you 75% refund on the print prices, minus the Shipping and Handling fees.  We can not issue these monies back to your card without recieving the prints back from you.  It is important that we have reference for conversations to our vendors as well as our photographers training.  However, if we review your order and determine that our standards have not been met by our lab or photographers, we are happy to reprint or replace photos at no cost to you.

Q: What is your re-shoot policy?

Forgot it was picture day?
Wish they had worn something different?
Needed a haircut?
Wished they had combed their hair?
You wanted “smile” and they wanted “cool”?

Just want to give it another go?

We are delighted to re-photograph your student for only $10. (Please see below re: Reshoot Fee)
And remember: you can order from the first or second photo session!

Steps to request a re-shoot:

1. Check √ the “Re-Shoot Box” on your proof order envelope (very bottom).

2. Insert the $10 payment inside the proof order envelope (cash or check payable to Mugsyclicks).

3. Return it to the school by the order due date shown in red on the top right hand corner of the proof order envelope.

4. If you miss the envelope order due date and still want to participate in the re-shoot, please follow the instructions above by returning the proof order envelope properly marked to the school office, but also send an email to Customer Support. We will then add your child’s name to the list.
5. You will want to watch your school’s newsletter to know the date for your school’s “Make-up/Re-shoot” day. We will not be sending a reminder card.

ALL RE-SHOOTS MUST TAKE PLACE ON THE “MAKE-UP” PHOTO DAY. NO PRIVATE SESSIONS AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE.  We require a minimum of 6 student requests to return to the campus.

Q: Why do I have to pay for a re-shoot?

From 10/11/09 customer service phone log:

...........just got thru listening to a voice message from a mom who says she doesn't want to pay the re-shoot fee cause "someone combed her son's hair". The VERY next message........."I don't see why I have to pay the re-shoot fee; someone didn't comb my son's hair."

Bottom line: If there is a photographer error we are more than happy to re-photograph your child at no expense. If you would just like your child re-photographed for personal reasons, please follow the instructions above.

And this is the "why": Mugshots is different from many school photography companies in that we photograph each child multiple times in an effort to create a portrait that you and your child will like. We are also different because we are not your standard prepay-and-hope-the-pictures-are-good company. We spend the time and money to show you the photos before purchasing, so you may choose which image to order from, how many images you would like to order from, or whether you would like to order at all. We want to make you happy; not just take your money and run. 

So our process goes something like this: after picture day we edit those hundreds, sometimes thousands, of photos down to a number somewhere between 3-6 images per child, upload the images to our lab as well as to our website, print and pay to deliver proofs to your school so you can instantly see a choice, and provide you with more poses online if you are so inclined to view more. ALL so you have your choice of images to choose from as well as a choice in the way in which you order (via envelope or online) and the way in which to pay. We don't even have a deadline for ordering prints. They remain available throughout the entire school year so you are free to order when its most convenient to you, not us.

By the time you review these first images we will have invested our resources in photography, web hosting, school service items as well as all of our business and equipment.  

If we have made a mistake in this process we are happy to make good on this and re-photograph your child at our expense, but due to the subjective nature of photography (brush my child’s hair, don’t brush my child’s hair) as well as the collaborative elements ("kids will be kids" and sometimes that means they do their "own thing") we can not continue photographing without an investment on the parent's part.  This is why we require a minimal re-shoot fee of $10.00.

As you can imagine this $10 fee hardly covers the cost of a photographer coming out to your school to re-photograph your child.  What it does do is make everyone as responsible for creating a pleasing image as we are. Some parents love having multiple sessions to choose photos from, and even though they’re happy with the first shoot, they take advantage of having a professional photographer photograph their children for only an additional $10. Charging a small fee for our time and your commitment is our way of providing you with these additional service requests. 

Again.  If there is a photographer error we are more than happy to re-photograph your child at no expense.  If you would just like your child re-photographed for personal reasons,  just write re-shoot on your envelope, enclose $10 and return it by the order due date on the envelope. 


Q: Why do you charge what you charge?

Professional, high quality portraits at school photo prices . . .

A quick head's up here.  If you have read our "Heart-Felt Message" you know our philosophy regarding pricing so you can just get back to the business of your life; you have heard enough about this subject from me already. If not, dear customer, here is my manifesto of commerce...

Okay, so let's talk frankly about our prices.  No tap dancing.  We provide professional portraits at school photography prices.  If you truly compare us to our competitors product and services you will find we are all pretty darn close in price,  but not at all close in quality or services.  Advantage: Mugsyclicks!

We use some of the best photographers your community has to offer.  They spend time being trained in Mugshots Style to produce the best product possible.  We all use expensive professional gear.  We have almost 20 years experience in the "new school of photography".  Our combined years of photography experience is in the hundreds!

Our photographers shoot for free unless you like what they produce and decide to purchase.  One print alone from many of these photographers would set you back about $100. You as parents are using your combined buying power to get a GREAT PRICE on a professional product at ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU. There is no 'send your child to school with a check in the envelope and cross your fingers that you'll like what you've bought'. This is a free service with no commitment to buy. So yes, we charge a nominal $10 shoot fee, yet only in the case of a customer-elected re-shoot.  

We offer multiple images to preview before purchasing. If we don't do a good job you don't order.  We take credit cards, offer online services, we give you extended purchasing deadlines

Our investment in online ordering services is helping to heal many a broken family argument over who got the "picture envelope"... they can view and order separately and have the photos delivered directly to their home. Relatives can order for themselves as well.

We provide a large variety of free services to your schools.  Our company is incredibly customer service focused in this seasonal "quick in quick out" industry.

So there it is... a long winded answer, which in shorthand translates to, " we will never be the cheapest- but we will always strive to be the best value"

Photo Scholarships are available.  If you have recently lost your job or if your economic situation is such that you need help purchasing your child's photos you may email us - with a request for a photo scholarship. (Having been a single mom raising 2 kids I know what it is to be challenged and we will do what we can to help you out.) 

Humbly yours,

Linda Russell CEO and still in the trenches

Q: Are you saving my Credit Card information?

We are definitely NOT retaining credit card numbers, if you see your credit card info auto feed into our website that is from the browser cookies.  All of your credit card entered into our site is sent to which is a huge online security company.

Q: What type of photo paper is used?

All photos are printed on Kodak Professional Endura paper with a lustre surface. The standard archival time for this paper is 100 years and 200 years in dark storage. 

Q: What are the exact dimensions of wallet sized and exchange sized photos?

Industry standard sizes are 2.5" x 3.5" for wallets, and 1.75" x 2.5" for exchanges.

Q: Where do I find info regarding the Family Portrait Weekends?

For the most up to the date info check out our Unleashed Family Portrait site--this is where up to the minute info is noted.  Hope to see you there!!

Q: Can you produce yearbooks for our school?

We do not produce yearbooks for the schools we photograph at this time. 


Hair Grooming, Face-Cleaning and Pricing- not necessarily in that order.

This time of year we receive lots of feedback from our customers. Much positive, some negative, a bit of highly valued constructive and a dash of mean-spirited. We try to balance them all equally but as a small company, of sometimes thin-skinned artists, the deep cuts occasionally overpower the back pats. Why negative feedback wins out over positive provides many a therapist enough revenue to support a household and is probably best left up to that science. So, accepting that I might sound defensive, which is not my intention, I thought it might be helpful to share with you, our valued customer, a bit of what happens on a photo day and a word or two regarding our pricing.

First, quite honestly, we love kids. We love photographing children. No one who works for MugsyClicks is allowed to be even remotely indifferent to the value of being a young human making sense of the world. We all specialize in reflecting a positive view of each of your unique children, and since each child IS unique, we have varied successes in capturing the "perfect expression". Some children are "natural smilers", some are "shy", some are "independent minded," some have had their natural smiles ruined with glued together "cheese" teeth (as in the dairy product, not the expression). We work hard at our job, we care, and we accept the challenge of each photograph as if it was the most important one of our day. We invest our time, equipment and experience with the hope that we will create a photograph that a parent will cherish enough to purchase and share.

Photo day is a whirlwind. Class schedules must be met, name and image data must be kept straight. There is sun, wind and weather to manage. Clean faces, combed and uncombed hair, straightened collars, sweater/no sweater, hair behind the ears, in front of the ears, parts/no parts. Braces, missing teeth, snaggle tooth smiles, zipper closed mouths and tongues that stick in cheeks or poke thru smiles. Glasses, no glasses, noon lightening that affects sensitive eyes. A crooked clip on tie that refuses to straighten. A virus of children who think it is cool to "NOT smile, no matter what" or "smile like America's Next Top Model" or smile with true dedication, with just their lower teeth. A sweet lamb-chop who is trying so hard to please their shoulders are hooked to their ears. We care about ALL of them. Our hearts sink when they come from PE with sweaty red faces. We fan them with cards to cool them down. We fret over whether to tame or celebrate their "bed head".

We focus our lenses with skill and commitment. We strive for success, and most of the time your children are working just as hard with us to make a photo that pleases. This is why we spend the additional time and money to create multiple images to choose from and show them to you before you purchase. We do this because we are parents just like you, and we want to provide you with photography you will value. We know that photography is a process and both your children and your photography team may need a few chances to reach success. Which brings us to pricing. Our commitment to value means while are prices maybe slightly higher than the "traditional" school photography companies we believe it is better to use professional child photographers from your community, invest in innovative proofing programs that offer you choice of images as well as previewing before you invest your hard earned money. We know life is busy, so you get months to order with no penalty. We take credit cards because most people prefer to pay that way. If you order online your photo order doesn't sink to the bottom of a backpack, it is delivered quickly to your home.

We also know money is tight which is why we have not had a price increase in over 5 years. This year we have added a number of packages under $20. We constantly strive to keep expenses down as we continue to grow and improve.  Each new school that joins Mugshots allows us to amortize improvements over more individuals which is how we have built our company without compromising our value.

We will never be the cheapest school photography company in the market, but we promise you we will continue to treat your children as valued subjects and your business as privilege.

With Gratefulness,

Linda Russell-CEO and Chief Trailblazer


Q: What should I do if I run into a web site problem?
With a brand new website, we know there are bound to be a few bugs here and there — please let us know by clicking here and we'll tackle it right away! Thank you for helping us out!

The login credentials you provided are incorrect. Please try again.

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